STSK Infotech

STSK Infotech software development company specialized in offering IT services, product development, mobile application development, e-business, web design, multimedia solutions & SEO services.

What we offer

Mobile Application

Our light weight mobile applications are built in such a way that it gives ease to everyone to use and are made in such a way that it provides and Secured, robust, AI ready and international standard to the users.

Web Application

User experience on our applications is crafted mainly for seamless function with excellent usability. Our UI team designs systems to ensure they work well on any device and performance on the frontend is fast for users on any connection.


Our architects are specialized in developing the high-end UX/UI design, Graphic designs, Digital marketing designs and many other high end designs as per the requirements and the patterns suggested by the clients.

Website Design & Developement

Developing static website designs, dynamic designs, e-commerce websites and SEO is what our team is built up for. With the best expertise in our team, we make sure that all the requirements of the clients are met with complete effectiveness.

Robotic Process Automation(UI Path)

Automation for desktop applications and web applications,extract documents from data,bulk message sending and handling,intact with gmail and excel,handling chatbot,intact with ui automation,transfer files. And support can provide 24/7 for handling data.

Cloud Storage

We offer the best Cloud storage services which is safely and securely saves your data to a remote database so you don't have to store your data and files to your computer hard drive or other storage device. Cloud storage makes it easy to share content. Just share a Dropbox folder with a coworker and they can instantly access the content within it.

Tools we use






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Optimization and Enhancement

About Us

Our IT team in STSK PropTech Pvt Ltd is specialized in building a user friendly application which emphasizes much on the reliability and accuracy of data. We always make sure that our clients access the data which is accurate and will serve them in the long term.We understand how important it is to maintain 100% data privacy. We have gained the trust of our clients by protecting their data. Our high end tech team always makes sure that they use the modern technology for protecting the data of our clients.

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